Analysis and Sensoring

Non-targeted Analysis

We developed an automated non-targeted analysis (NTA) method using comprehensive high-resolution mass spectrometric techniques. The method reduced false discovery rates, improved data processing efficiency, and has been successfully applied to identify and screen chemicals of emerging concerns in indoor air, dust, building materials, consumer products, and infant articles. 

Environmental Sensor

Current analysis of environmental pollutants often involves long-time sampling and complex sample pretreatment. The high cost makes it impossible to continuously monitor the concentration of specific pollutants. By design and synthesis of advanced adsorbents capable of bonding targeted pollutants, we can achieve simple, fast and cost-effective monitoring of the environment. Smart environmental sensor system enables in-time alert of target chemicals, real-time monitor and management of indoor environment, fast determination of pollution levels.

Biological Sensor

Human health is closely related to its exposure environment. By designing sensors that are easy for people to carry, we can achieve real-time monitoring of air pollutants in the exposed environment and real-time analysis of biological samples. By establishing databases corresponding to environmental pollutants and specific target molecules in human biological samples, intelligent biosensors enable in-time alert of harsh exposed environments, rapid inspection of human physiological states, etc.